When the colder months roll in, people often get ready for the holidays by decorating their homes with different ornaments and lights. Many consider Halloween as the start of the holiday season, but some begin to decorate their homes even before the last day of October.

Below are a few tips to make the most of your holiday lighting. 

Plan Ahead You need to think about which ornaments and lights you’ll be using to make your home look festive and fun during the holidays. Always plan ahead if you’re buying new lights so you won’t be tempted to purchase an expensive lighting system that you’ll only be using for a few short months. 

Re-Use what you already have Holiday lights can be expensive so it’s a good idea to use what you already have instead of buying a new set. The ones made with LEDs are usually the sturdiest and can last a long time. They are a bit more expensive compared to the other lights in the market, but they’re worth the investment. They also use less power so they won’t cost as much to light up compared to other holiday lights. 

Light Windows and Door Ways During the holidays, you want to make people feel that they’re welcome. Add some light to your doors and windows using string lights to give them a beautiful glow. You can even add some lights to your path or walk-ways. 

Remember to Conserve Power Yes, you can splurge during the holidays, but at least try to conserve energy by using energy efficient bulbs, dimmers and timers. You don’t want to consume more that you need and using too much power is going to give you a huge power bill when the holiday season ends.

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