Lighting your Pool

Lighting your pool area not only helps highlight the swimming pool, it also helps add more attitude to your outdoor space. Below are a few tips to help you illuminate your pool deck. 

Aquatics Placing hidden lights around the edge of your pool adds a bit of glamour. It also amps up the safety since they make the pool more visible in the dark. Night swimming is also going to be more fun with these lights. Just be sure to use submergible lights or waterproof lights and bright ones like LEDs for this. You can get these at any pool supply store or hardware store. 

Landscaping Imagine being able to see your favorite flowers, shrubs and trees while you’re swimming at night. Once you find certain focal points, you can place lights here to work with your landscaping scheme and make your garden look amazing at night. Outdoor lighting is needed for a setup like this since these work well will water and temperature changes. 

Path Lights These are expensive to set up, but they’re definitely worth the investment. Path lights make it easier for people to find their way around you outdoor area and pool. It also keeps them safe from tripping over or stepping on your beloved flowerbeds. Path lights make with LED bulbs are great to work with. You can even find ones that are battery operated, which are cheaper to use but are high on maintenance. 

Tape and Rope Lights Want to give your outdoor and pool area a magical look? Use tape and rope lights, which you’d normally use during the holidays, and place them around trees, posts, and even the handrails on your porch steps. They’re a great accent light to use for sitting and dining areas on patios and decks, staircases and even to drape down on trees. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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