When we were young, our parents would always tell us to read only in brightly-lit areas, the better to prevent straining our eyes. And besides, reading in the dark just isn’t convenient. If you have a reading area, or any space for that matter where you find yourself reading a lot, here are some tips to light it properly. 

Softer Lighting Is Best A dark room isn’t great for reading, but neither is a room that’s too bright. The last thing you want is glare that stings the eyes. With lighting, soft light is the way to go; you can soften a light source by using a diffuser like a lampshade or even something as simple as a piece of white paper over a light bulb. 

Go for White Light Yellow-coloured light makes you feel relaxed, which is a good thing, but if you’re too relaxed you’re only going to end up sleeping—not exactly what you want to do during a night of studying. Before buying a light bulb, like an LED, check its colour temperature] Stick with LED light bulbs that generate a “white” or “blue” toned light. 

Direct Lighting When it comes to reading, direct lighting is always one of the best ways to go. This means that you position the light to where your reading area is. You can also use moveable light fixtures which makes it easier for you to move the light around. This makes it easier for you to read even if the whole room isn’t as well-it.

For tips on how to light the other areas of your home, check out this WikiHow article. You can also contact the LiquidLEDs team for ideas.


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