Tips on How to Create the Illusion of Space with Light

Let’s face it. Not everyone is lucky enough to have spacious homes with generous ceilings and large rooms. But even if you have limited room, this shouldn’t stop you from trying to make it look great and turn it into a truly liveable space. Here are some tips on how to make your small spaces look larger with light and more. 

Use Good Lighting to your Advantage The fastest way to create the illusion of space is to have great lighting. The more light a room has, the larger it seems to look. However, don’t go overboard with lighting, as too much light creates an unpleasant glare. Your best bet is to use LED light bulbs that offer generous amounts of light minus the glare and flickering. Artificial lighting shouldn’t be your only option either. Use natural lighting as much as you can by opening windows and using thin curtains. If you have the budget, you can tear down a wall and replace it with ceiling to floor windows. 

Use Appropriately Sized Fixtures Be sure to use the right light fixtures for your environment. For example, a large chandelier just won’t work in a small room with a low ceiling. If space and ceiling height are limited, avoid using low-hanging lamps and chandeliers. Instead, use a combination of recessed lights, floor and desk lamps, as well as scones to create layers of light. 

Use ‘Cool’ Light Bulbs Light bulbs basically come into colour temperatures, which indicates their colour. A cool colour temperature is closer to bluish white, while warm color temperatures are yellower. Warm light bulbs tend to be cozier, while cool bulbs, which are often brighter, create the illusion of space better. For ideas and suggestions on what LED light bulbs to use to ‘free up’ space, call the LiquidLEDs customer support team!

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