Good Exhibit Lighting

When it comes to art exhibits, lighting plays a crucial part in displaying pieces of art. Exhibits need to have the right brightness where everyone can see the individual artworks but not make it too bright and flat. There really is a certain art in lighting that needs to match the exhibit’s mood and theme. Below are a few tips on how you can achieve the right lighting for your exhibit

Avoid the Sun Although sunlight is the best kind of light, it can have damaging results to pieces like paintings or photos. Stick with artificial lighting that doesn’t produce too much heat that could affect the materials used in the exhibit. 

Keep Away from Certain Bulbs They’re harsh, greenish tone doesn’t really give any flattering light to artwork. They can also give out ultraviolet rays which is damaging to the pieces. You’re better off with using incandescent bulbs, but these are slowly being taken off of shelves and banned in certain countries and cities. 

High CRI Bulbs are Better Choices Look for a bulb that ranks high in the CRI or Color rendering index. This indicates how vivid colors are when illuminated by the bulb’s light. In simple terms, how red does red look under this certain light. Bulbs with high CRI rankings can help make colors really pop out and details more clear. Check out LED light bulbs since these commonly have high CRI rankings. 

Go Green Do your share of being power friendly by using energy efficient bulbs. There are a number of bulbs in the market that can provide a high quality light perfect for gallery and exhibit lighting without using too much power. Check the lumens to watts ration on the bulb’s packaging to know how bright it is and how much power it consumes. Questions?Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.

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