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Outdoor lights take a rough beating. They’re often exposed rain, heat, and snow, which threaten to reduce their lifespan and render them useless. This also makes your outdoor lights potential electric and fire hazards. Although light bulbs rated for outdoor use are built with added durability, it still pays to take care of them the right way. Below are a few tips protecting your outdoor lights and extending their lifespan. 

Turn to outdoor-rated light bulbs First things first. If you’re using regular bulbs to light your home’s outdoor spaces, you need to consider switching to lighting solutions specifically designed for outdoor applications. Regular light bulbs are designed for controlled environments and are often easily damaged by changes in temperature and moisture. You need light bulbs that can withstand the weather, wear and tear, and water. Before buying a light bulb, read the package and find more information about it. Outdoor-rated bulbs will bear information on their recommended applications. LEDs are a common solution for outdoor lighting, as their solid state technology makes them better suited for tough environments. 

Cover them up The best way to protect your outdoor lights is to give them a cover against the elements. Most hardware stores will carry a wide variety of covers and protectors for outdoor lights; they usually come in metal and glass, but it’s not uncommon to find them in other materials like plastic, wood, and more. 

Keep them away from water Covers will keep your lights protected against rain, but what about possible flooding? Be sure to install your lights on elevated areas away from the ground, keeping them away from moving or pooling water. For pathway lights, try to keep them at least 1 to 2 feet away from the ground. For questions on which LEDs to use outdoors, feel free to contact the LiquidLEDs customer support hotline.

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