Extending holiday lights

Colorful lights are glowing and the air is filled with joy and cheer. The holidays are rolling in and it’s time for us to decorate the house with lights and ornaments. Are you tired of having to buy a new set of holiday lights every year? Many of us face the same dilemma. Not only does having to get a new set of holiday lights turn out to be costly, it’s also annoying since you have to beat the other holiday shoppers. Well believe it or not, you can actually extend your holiday lights’ lifespan with these few tips. 

Energy Friendly Lights are the Way to Go Stick with power efficient holiday lights since they last longer and they also glow better. They’re basically energy friendly light bulbs in a smaller form. They offer the same benefits are regular energy sufficient bulbs do the power bill next month won’t blow you out of the roof. They do use less power but they shine and glow the same way other holiday lights do. 

Turn them off Don’t just let them run all day until the end of the holidays. Keep a schedule and turn them off when they’re not needed, like during the daytime. If you want to be more specific about the time the lights turn on and off, install a timer to the main power and just let it turn the lights off and on for you. 

Go for LEDs If all else fail and you need to get a new set of holiday lights, go for the ones that are made from LED bulbs. These have been proven to last longer and they’re power friendly. A number of holiday ornaments are made with LED lights. Some use these to decorate their lawns and backyards by forming something like a deer or a star to celebrate the holidays. For questions and inquiries, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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