Inspirations of small balcony designs ideas

Many of us consider our balconies as a space where we can relax and just sit around. Most people would even place lounge chairs or small couches on their balconies so they can lie around and just enjoy the sun without having to leave the house.

Whether you have a small but comfortable space or a large and open area for your balcony, there are a few ways for you to make it more interesting and transform it to more than just an extension of your upstairs floor area. 

Add Some Plants If you’re into adding nature to your home’s décor then add a few potted plants like small shrubs and flowers to your balcony. Not only will they make the space look more interesting, you can also use the place to create a small garden. You can also use plants to add color to your balcony, plant small flowers of different colored blooms for variety. Your plants will still get enough sun so there’s no need to worry much about them. 

Use Lights This is a create way to use your old holiday lights. You can use them to wrap around the railings or you can also run them along the edge of the balcony. If you have the kinds that use LED lights, they’ll give out a beautiful bright glow that will make the space look wonderful at night. 

Hanging Ornaments Hanging ornaments look lovely in balconies. Think wind chimes, dream catchers, even candle holders that you can hang from the ceiling. You can make your own hanging ornaments if you’re crafty enough or find some at thrift shops or garage sales. They give this hypnotic feel to the place, especially if you’re just sitting there relaxing and looking at them. For more light, place some battery powered LED bulbs inside a glass container and hang them along your ornaments.

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