Cutting Costs on Holiday Lights

The holidays are rolling in, which means it’s time to break out your boxes of decorations, brighten up the house, and decorate your home with sparkling lights and glitter. However, many of us have the problem of paying a huge power bill after the holidays are done.

Here are a few tips on how you can cut your power cost on your holiday lights 

Upgrade It If you’re still using those old holiday lights that are starting to look and act faulty, it’s probably time for you to replace them. Instead of getting one of those inexpensive pair of holiday lights, you can get the most of your purchase with the ones made with LED bulbs. These lights last much longer compared to regular string or holiday lights and they’re safer since they don’t heat up. They also give off a brighter and sharper light quality compared to other typed of bulbs. 

Time It So you won’t have to deal with making sure you turn the lights off during the day, install a timer on the lights so they automatically turn off during the day and turn on when it’s dark out. Most timers are compatible with light fixtures, even with new ones like energy efficient bulbs, but you’ll most likely need to connect your lights to a main line and connect the timer there. Timers and cheap, and they make sure you won’t come home to a dark house. 

Make the Most of the Holidays So you won’t have to change any of your decorations or lights, make the most of the time you use your holiday lights. You can still use the same lights from Halloween until Christmas; just change a few details like the accessories you use to decorate the yard and don’t use light fixtures that come in designs specifically for a certain holiday.

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