Reading or working on your desk is easier when you have a desk lamp. Task lighting is important sine it can make you more productive and it lessens the strain on your eyes. When choosing a desk lamp, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Flexibility When it comes to choosing a table lamp, it’s best to get one that you can easily move around and adjust. There are a number of lamps that come with flexible and bendable necks that make them easy to move. Avoid the ones that look flimsy or could fall apart on you at any time. Also, choose something that has a solid base so the lamp doesn’t get easily outbalanced. 

Dimmability The ability to control the light on your desk lamp is a great feature. For example, if you’re working on a project that might need more light, you can simply boost up the bulb’s brightness. In case you might want to give the space a more relaxed feel, then the dimmer can also tone the brightness down. Keep in mind that the bulb needs to have the right dimmer to work, especially with LED light bulbs. 

Eliminating Glare Some lamps come with a glare filter that minimizes that annoying brightness some bulbs give out. You can also eliminate this with a lamp cover that you can purchase at any home and garden improvement store. 

Efficient Bulbs Besides adding more light to your space, desk lamps are now becoming eco-friendly since they’re now being equipped with LED bulbs. These bulbs are long-lasting, durable and safer to use compared to others, plus their light quality is better. 

Computer Finally, it’s also important to consider your computer. It can be a bit glaring and tiresome to work in a dim-lit room with your computer, so keep your table lamp handy. Although the computer does give out its own light, it’s still a big help if you have a lamp around.

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