College dorm rooms are notorious for their small spaces and dark atmospheres. Sometimes it’s really difficult for students to finish their school work or study in their rooms because it’s too dark. The easiest way to deal with this is to give your study area more light. This way, you won’t disturbed your roommate since most of the extra light is situated on the desk. Below are a few tips on how you can properly illuminate your desk to make it easier for you to work on in. 

LED Lamps When choosing a desk lamp, choose one that comes with LED light bulbs. These bulbs give out a very powerful light that’s enough to make you feel awake and alert, making you more productive. LED lights also use very little power so if you’re paying for the electricity bill, it’s not going to cost much. Just make sure that the lamp defuses the light to minimize the harshness of the light. You can also make your own home-made defuse by placing a piece of white paper over the opening of the lamp. 

Moveable Lamp Head To make it easier for you to direct the light to a certain direction, choose a lamp that has a moveable lamp head. This way you can just bend the lamp’s body around and point the light to wherever you need it. Some portable versions of these lamps even come in clip-on that you can just clip on to your book and you can bring it around with you. 

Safe Bulbs Your desk is most likely going to be filled with paper, books and other flammable objects. It’s a good idea to use a bulb that doesn’t produce too much heat, especially when it’s being used for hours on end. LEDs are perfect for the job since they don’t heat up as much as other bulbs in the market. For questions and comments, you can contact our customer support hotline.

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