Tips on Buying the Best LED Light Bulb


LED light bulbs are all the rage this 2015, with hundreds of manufacturers, large and small, coming out with their own take on LED lighting technology. Depending on how you look at it, this can be a good or bad thing.

Good, because competition always brings forth the best products for consumers.

Bad, because it makes the task of choosing LED bulbs all the more confusing.

Here’s a short checklist to go through when buying an LED light bulb. 

Watts Even though all LED bulbs are energy efficient, there are still differences in the efficiency of LEDs from different manufacturers. So, you want to buy LEDs that have the best mix of lumen output and efficiency. 

Lumens A lumen is the total amount of visible light generated by a light source; it’s the unit used to determine a light bulb’s brightness. Before you buy an LED bulb, you want to first think of its application.

Where will it be used?

Do I need ultra-bright bulbs?

Having answers to these questions prevents you from buying the wrong bulb for your needs. 

Beam Angle Beam angle or beam spread describes how wide or how narrow the light angle generated by a bulb is. Knowing this is important because certain lighting applications work best with specific beam angles.

For instance, stand lamps that with lights 2 meters above the floor work best with wide beam angles. Ceiling lights on the other hand, need a narrow beam spread since several of them are used to light large spaces. 

Colour Temperature Colour temperature describes how blue or how red the colour of light is. In the context of LED light bulbs, certain applications are ideal for specific colours of light.

For instance, cool LED light bulbs that have a whiter glow are best for task-oriented spaces, like offices and kitchens. Warmer bulbs, with their yellow glow, are more relaxing and therefore go best in bedrooms and living rooms. For more tips, check out this more detailed page on choosing LEDs, halogen lamps, and CFLs at Which?.

You can also contact the LiquidLEDs team for more suggestions on our LED lighting.


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