Slowly but surely, LEDs have saturated the market, replacing not only incandescent light bulbs, but newer compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) as well. But with the sheer variety of LED bulbs out there, the task of picking a bulb can be confusing. And you want to choose carefully too, since LEDs don’t exactly come cheap—at least not yet anyway.

Below are the prime factors to consider when buying an LED bulb

Look at Wattage Sure, the energy efficiency of LEDs has made looking at wattage a moot point—they all use very little energy. Still, it’s worth considering even the small differences in electricity consumption between different LED products. Between an LED that produces 1600 lumens for 16 watts and our 3U LED Light Bulb that does the same for 14 watts, which would you choose? 

Lumens Wattage ratings used to tell us how bright a light bulb was; with incandescent bulbs, the more energy used, the brighter the glow of the heated tungsten filament. That’s no longer how it works with LEDs, which are 90 percent more energy efficient than traditional bulbs.

When choosing between LED light bulbs, decide how bright you want your lit spaces to be. The lumens label will tell you all you need to know about a bulb’s brightness—the higher the rating, the brighter. But to be safe, make sure you test the bulb anyway. 

Colour Temperature Next to brightness, think about what colour you want from an LED. Warm white LEDs emit a warm, yellowish glow—a more relaxing hue and great for living rooms and bedrooms. Cool white LEDs on the other hand, create a bright white light, great for work areas like office spaces, kitchens, and more. 

Price When it’s all said and done, people still end up voting with their wallets. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because the best LEDs aren’t the most expensive. Pick between different brands, check their reputations online, and look at the products and their warranties to make a sound purchase decision. Just remember that while LEDs may be more expensive, you can offset their cost with the energy savings they bring.


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