Tips for Reducing Electricity Use in the Office

Many of spend spent more than 8 hours a daily at the office, sitting in front of a computer, preparing reports, sifting through paperwork, and interacting with colleagues. But have you ever stopped to think just how much power you use through a typical 40-hour work week? Just imagine the number of offices in your building. How many light bulbs are left on even when there’s no one around? How many air-conditioning systems are set to full blast, even when it’s a relatively cool day outside? How many taps are leaking, or aren’t properly closed? Individually, these small things might not mean much, but when you add them up over the long run, you begin to grasp just how much money and resources are being put to waste. Remember, your office is like your second home, so treat it that way. Here are a few ways to help save power at the office. 

Turn the lights off when not in use It’s simple. When lights aren’t needed, switch them off. Even when you’re using energy-efficient LED light bulbs, electricity wasted is still money wasted. Go beyond lights by switching off computers, air-conditioning units, and other electronic devices when not in use. 

Go green Try to incorporate eco and power friendly items and actions in your office. Recycle paper or even go paperless, use LEDs instead of regular light bulbs, minimize excess water usage, segregate your garbage, these are just a few things that you can do to become a more ecofriendly and efficient work place. 

Promote energy saving attitudes If you want to light a fire, you start with a single match. If no one else is concerned about saving power and resources, try to raise awareness by placing posters and reminders around the office reminding people to conserve energy. For questions on how to reduce your utility costs, feel free to get in touch with the LiquidLEDs team.

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