Every bookworm’s dream is to have a place where they can curl up and read a good book without being disturbed. However, the most common thing that bothers you when reading is usually the lighting in the environment, not the noise. If your reading space isn’t illuminated properly, reading can get uncomfortable and you’d feel strain on eyes. The right lighting makes a big difference when reading. Here are a few tips on how you can add just the right amount of light to your reading area to make it feel even more comfortable.

Install dimmers the ability to control the brightness of your lights is a great feature when reading. This way, you can adjust the brightness to as bright or as dim as you want. To do this, you don’t have to get a new light system installed. You can get dimmers or those little knobs that can control the flow of electricity, and install them into your lighting system. Before buying a dimmer, you have to make sure that it’s compatible to the bulbs you’re using, especially when you have LED bulbs.

Lamps for Task Lighting When reading, you’d want to have a task light so you can easily position the light any way you want. task lights are lamps or any other lighting instrument that you can move around, fold, bend, and adjusts to different angles. Some task lights look like regular table lamps while other come in clips that you can use to position them in a certain angle. The come in all forms and sizes, from regular table lamps to small, clip-on lights with LED light bulbs attached to them Tone The tone or temperature of the light in the room can affect your reading experience. Warm tones are great since they give you a yellowish light which is more relaxing to the eyes compared to the bright, bluish tone given out by cool lights.

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