Tips for Lighting Outdoor Spaces on the Cheap

Ideally, your bedroom is a sanctuary, a place where you can escape from the daily grind and relax. However, the truth is that many of our bedrooms are rudimentary at best, with many even struggling to sleep in their beds. Fortunately, there are several ways to turn your messy bedroom into the safe haven you deserve. Simpy changing your lights and arranging them in a certain way can give your room a completely new look. Here’s how you can do just that. 

Go for warm lights Light bulbs come in a wide variety of colours, each with an ideal application. They’re mainly divided into two types of colour temperatures: warm and cool. Cool light bulbs emit a bright and bluish light, and are best for areas where you need to stay alert—think kitchens, office spaces, and more. On the other hand, warm light bulbs are best for bedrooms and living rooms, where a calm and relaxing atmosphere is needed. In any case, LEDs are the perfect solution for your lighting task, coming in a wide variety of colours and colour temperatures. 

Turn your lights off A room that’s too bright isn’t exactly conducive for sleep. The best way to relax without having to turn all your lights off is to keep accent and task lights, like desk lamps and scones, switched on, and the general lighting (e.g. recessed lights) off. Low-power LED light bulbs are available for that soft feel. 

Candle light Candles are great for the occasional special lighting treat. Get candles with special scents, like lavender, to help you relax even more. Just be sure to take care when lighting candles, keeping them away from flammable materials. For further assistance, comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.

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