Illuminating your Living Room

Is your living room in need of a breath of fresh air? Are you tired of your simple overhead lights and want something more? With all the time you spend in the living room, entertaining friends and family, or just relaxing after a long day, it makes sense to invest in good lighting. Here are some tips to illuminate your living room with style. 

Figure Out your Needs Before you set out to redesign your living room lighting, ask yourself a few questions. For starters, how do you use the living room, what kind of activities happen in the area, and how what times of the day are you in the room? If you use the living room all throughout the day and evening, or certain tasks like reading or watching television, you’ll need to consider using different types of lights with varying light levels. 

Think of your Atmosphere Ask yourself what kind of atmospheres you want to have in your room too. This will ultimately be the deciding factor on how bright your lighting has to be, and whether or not you should have a dimmer to adjust levels.

You can also use dimming switches, which help you recoup the cost of buying and installing your lighting setup by giving you control over the brightness of your lights (i.e. the amount of electricity used). Just be sure to pair them with lights that can actually be dimmed, such as LED light bulbs. Another way of creating a soft atmosphere is to install wall lights, which provide a low-level light that enhances the atmosphere and warmth of the living room.

You can check out this page to learn more tips and tricks to light your living room. You can also contact the LiquidLEDs team for suggestions and ideas.


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