Tips for Illuminating Study Rooms

Tips for Illuminating Study Rooms

Regardless of whether your study room is a lively office space for interacting with clients, or a private sanctuary for you to study, concentrate, or meditate, lighting is key to creating a safe and great looking space. Most people settle for just two or three light bulbs in their study rooms, only to end up straining to see, much less read, study, and work. Here’s what you can do to get your lighting in the study room just right. 

Place track lights near your bookshelves There’s something romantic and genuine about keeping a large shelf of painstakingly collected books in your study. Show them off by placing LED track lights above the bookshelf; not only will this create a beautiful lighting setup, it adds to the overall brightness of the room. 

Don’t forget task lights Task lights are crucial for reading, studying, or working in front of your computer. You may have overhead lighting, but you need focused and directed light for specific tasks. Simply place a table lamp on your study table, or place a floor lamp next to your corner chair or sofa. 

Use chandeliers for a touch of elegance Chandeliers are a great solution for adding a touch of elegance and refinement to your study room. Most home improvement stores offer chandeliers in different style, so feel free to go for whatever tickles your fancy. As a rule, it’s best to go for one that doesn’t clash with your study room’s overall décor. Check out more study room décor and lighting tips at Ask Me On Interiors.

You can also contact the LiquidLEDs customer support team on 1800 744 706 for tips and ideas on what LED light bulbs to use for your study.

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