Tips for Creating a "Natural Light Look" with Artificial Lighting


Despite the incredible advancements we’ve made in artificial lighting, it seems nothing still beats the quality and beauty of pure, unadulterated natural sunlight. For thousands of years, sunlight has helped keep our internal sleep rhythms in sync. When sunlight was abundant, we went out and worked. And as night came, our bodies adjusted and knew rest was near. While the full spectrum of sunlight has yet to be mimicked perfectly by an artificial light source, there are a few tricks you can turn to try and get as close an effect as possible. 

Turn to Warm Lighting Today’s LED light bulbs are capable of generating light in practically all kinds of colours and colour temperatures, from cool white light, to warmer and yellower light. To mimic sunlight, go for warmer light bulbs. Anything that has a yellower hue to it has a warm temperature, while anything with whiter, more bluish light is a cool temperature bulb. 

More Lights, the Merrier Having just one light bulb alone will not let you mimic natural lighting. If you really want to make it look like daytime in the room, use as many bulbs needed. Place the light fixtures all around the room so that it fills up space evenly. You want to have an even distribution of light bulbs, so use bulbs of the same size, same colour temperature, and same lumens. 

Use Dimmers Natural sunlight changes as the day passes, transitioning from dark to bright, and then dark again. To mimic this effect, you can install dimmers which allow you to directly control the brightness of your bulbs. Not only are dimming controllers great at enhancing your lighting’s aesthetics, they help in controlling your electricity consumption too. And the best part? They’re compatible with most LED light bulbs on the market. For tips and ideas on which LED light bulbs to use to copy the look of sunlight, contact the LiquidLEDs support team. You can also check out this article on how LED bulbs can mimic the light of sunlight.

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