Your bedroom, whether it’s a grand suite or a small nook in the basement, is an area where you spend time doing other things besides sleeping.

Dark bedrooms area great for sleeping, but having little light prevents you from engaging in other activities like playing, watching TV, and even studying. You might want to consider these tips when lighting your bedroom. 

Use What You Have Before buying your bedroom lights, first figure what the exact size of your bedroom is. Take the room’s measurements and be sure to check where your plugs and outlets are. Knowing the size of the room lets you choose the right lighting setup. 

Think of your Wall Height Besides the size of the room, check the height of your walls. Most rooms come with a wall height of 8 to 9 feet from ceiling to floor, but if you happen to be in a basement or attic, it can be much lower.

You need consider this as you just might have to adjust the height of the light fixtures you’re getting. 

Think of Multiple Uses You want to do other things in your room besides sleeping, so choose light fixtures that are not only relaxing, but also allow you to do some work. Besides the usual lava lamps and bedside lamps, you can get bright LEDs for your task lights and desk lamps. You can place these in a sitting area, or by your table. 

Thinner Shades Lamp fixtures with thick shades drastically limit the level of light generated. They look nice, but they won’t give off as much light as a lamp fixture with thinner shades. If you want a brighter room, you definitely want to go with the latter.

You can check out this article on on how to choose your bedroom lighting. Go ahead and call our LiquidLEDs support team for more ideas too.


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