Tip for Choosing Affordable Lighting without Regretting It

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When you first enter a room, it’s only natural to look around, check the furniture, and go through the little details that make up a room’s design. More often than not, lighting is the last thing you’d notice. Most people don’t really give lighting any thought, only that there should be enough light to see what’s inside the room. For new homeowners decorating or redecorating a home, this kind of thinking leads to poor choices in lighting, often leading to buying cheap light fixtures. While affordable lighting is by no means a bad thing in itself, not all light bulbs are made equally, and oftentimes, you really get what you pay for. If you want to buy affordable lighting, consider these tips. 

Durability You want to buy light bulbs that will last for years. So that means incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps, with their short lifespan, are out of the mix. You can go for LED light bulbs and even CFLs if you want long lasting light bulbs LEDs, in particular, have a lifespan well over 20,000 hours. That’s more than a few years. 

Get Energy Efficient Lights Energy efficient light bulbs like LEDs are certainly pricier compared to classic light bulbs, but their initial cost is quickly offset by the energy savings they bring to your home. Since LEDs use up to 90 percent less energy than traditional bulbs, you can expect a lower electricity bill, allowing you to recoup your investment in no time. 

Stick with Reliable Brands Although large brands are by no means an assurance of quality (just check out Philips’ issuing a recall of their LEDs), that doesn’t mean you should settle for small lighting manufacturers with no track record. The best thing you can do is check product reviews to gauge reliability. For more tips on choosing LED lighting, call the LiquidlEDs support team!

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