Whether it’s your work space at the office or just your work desk at home, there are a few things to remember when lighting this space. Keep in mind that you want the light to help you become more productive, so stay away from any light fixtures that can create a dim look.

This can cause eyestrain's and headaches. It could even make you feel really sleepy and not interested in finishing your work. Make the most of your lights with these tips. 

Indirect Lighting Although you do want to keep the space well lit, you don’t want to work under direct lighting. Having an environment that’s too bright can irritate your eyes. Make use of a diffuser which helps soften and blur out the harsh light. Lamp covers work great as diffuser, but a cheap D.I.Y version would be a simple sheet of paper placed over the lamp. Use a bulb that gives a bright cool toned light like LED bulbs

Avoid Shadows You don’t want shadows to form when you turn on your lights. The easiest way to avoid these is to place your lights overhead and make sure that there is nothing in the way. A well-organized desk can also help minimize shadows on a work space, it’s also less annoying to know that you can easily find things because you know exactly where they are on your table. 

Task Lights Help It’s a good idea to have a table lamp to help you with those tedious tasks or when you need a bit of extra light when you’re reading. Choose a lamp that’s adjustable that’s easy to move around and adjust. Lamps with adjustable necks with LED light bulbs are a good choice. You can position these lamps into angles that make it easier for you to work. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.



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