The Right Lighting to Up your Concentration and Productivity

Many people tend to bring their work back home with them, whether it’s due to having extra work or because of their home based jobs. Working at home can sound like a dream for some, but it presents its own challenges, especially if you’re easily distracted. At home, your attention can be divided between your work, your TV, your kids (if you have them), chores, and more. Another challenge of working from home is keeping your focus, what with the bed being so near, it can be tempting to just take a nap. Here’s how you can use light to work in your favor and help you maintain your concentration. 

Avoid Dim Lighting Whether you’re working at home or in an office, working under dim lighting can be counterproductive. o Dim lighting, particularly warm dim lighting, is great if you want to relax and fall asleep, not if you have work to do. Moreover, dim lighting only causes you to strain your eyes when you’re reading and studying. It’s best to have a generous amount of light in the area where you work. If you can open up a window to let natural light in, then do it. Otherwise, be sure to have as many LED lights—which don’t create glare and flickering—as possible. 

Use Task Lights Task lights are great for shining light directly into whatever you’re doing, helping you see better and keeping you up and alert. Task lights are particularly great for desktops, shining light on the keyboard and monitor. Some task lights, like table lamps, actually come with a magnifier, which is a big help for reading and working. 

Avoid Coloured Lighting Coloured lighting tends to be distracting and unsettling, distracting you from work. Holiday lights are another no-no, as they constantly flicker, distracting you yet again. For any comments or questions, contact the LiquidLEDs support hotline.

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