Taking on the challenging of lighting your porch or backyard means having to think of where exactly you’ll be placing your lights. Proper positioning of artificial light sources is crucial to maximising your fixtures and ensuring a safe outdoor space, not to mention one with a wonderful atmosphere. Outdoor lighting serves two purposes. First, it highlights features like plants, trees, outdoor furniture, and focal points like fountains. Second, it ensures safety and allows people to see where they’re going when it’s dark. Below are the most crucial areas that need lighting outside your home. 

Doorways Installing lights near your doorways allow people to see where doors and paths leading to it are from the outside of your home. Failing to have installed these lights outdoors is flirting with disaster. The good news is that it’s now easier to choose which lights to install, as there are fixtures specifically made for doorways, coming in pairs and best installed on both sides of a doorway. 

Paths and Walkways If you’re lucky enough to have a large yard with walkways and paths, be sure to light them up. Try to visualize an airport runway and use the same setup to light up your paths. Remember, the point with lighting paths and walkways is to make it easy for people to know where they’re going and what they’re stepping on. There are LED light bulbs specifically made for this purpose, so be sure to check them out. 

Points of Interest Depending on how your outdoor space is decorated, you might have some areas that serve as focal points, or areas you want to bring attention to. These can be anything from a grotto, a fountain, furniture, or a fire pit. Simply add a few light bulbs near these areas to bring attention to them in the dark. Check out more outdoor lighting tips brought to you by eBay. You can also call the LiquidLEDs team for recommendations on what LED bulbs to use.

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