The Best Reasons to Switch to LED Lighting—It’s All You Need to Know

At LiquidLEDs, we’ve long predicted a revolution in lighting taking place, one where LEDs ultimately take the lead in lighting towards a greener, brighter world. That doesn’t mean the transition has been smooth sailing though.

There’s still a lot of wrong information around LED lighting going around, leading to consumers not knowing what LEDs are, only that they’re expensive and quirky looking. Here’s all you need to know on why YOU should make the switch. 

Energy Efficiency LED light bulbs are 90 percent more energy efficient than traditional bulbs. Let that sink in for a moment. A typical 100-watt incandescent light bulb generates 1600 lumens of light. On the other hand, the 14 Watt Dimmable Warm White 3U LED Light Bulb Edison Screw (E27) generates the same level of lighting for just 14 watts of electricity. 

Zero Mercury One of the things that make CFLs a bad purchase is that they contain mercury. Not only does the presence of mercury make them a hazard for small infants and pets (especially when a CFL breaks), it makes their disposal tricky and therefore potentially harmful to the environment. 

Low Temperatures Out of all light bulbs on the market, LEDs are by far the coolest—literally. And don’t listen to claims of LEDs not generating any heat, because they do—they’re still electronic devices after all. But they’re still cool—cool enough to touch even when they’re switched on. When’s the last time you were able to do that with a CFL or incandescent bulb? 

Dimmable, with Instant On LEDs generate their full brightness the moment they’re switched on. No warm-up times, instant full brightness at the flick of a switch. LEDs are also compatible with most third party dimmers, giving you control over the brightness or dimness of your bulbs.

Need more reasons to switch to LED lighting? Go to this guide to read more!


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