The Basics of Patio Lighting—What You Need to Consider Before Starting


If you have the space, not to mention the money, for a patio, it can be a great addition to any home’s outdoor living space. And when done right, a patio increases the value of your home significantly.

Patios are great spaces during the day, but it’s really during the evening when they can shine, a place where you can host parties and other gatherings with family and friends. And the way to do that, is to start with lighting.

Your imagination is the limit with patio lighting, but still, you want to stick to some tried and tested techniques and rules when illuminating this outdoor living space. 

Large Patios Look at your patio’s size first. If yours is a huge patio, you’ll want to start with lighting kits specifically designed for outdoor use. These kits can come as a simple set of LED lamps connected to a timer, or something as complicated as several lighting stations spread throughout the entire house. You can approach a hardware store or lighting supplier to know what kits are suited for your patio. 

Small Patios On the other hand, if your patio is smaller and more conducive towards an intimate atmosphere, you can easily get away with simple yet elegant lighting options, such as candles, string lights, and even kerosene lamps.

These lighting solutions might not generate as much light as a conventional outdoor lighting kit, but in small spaces, they’ll do just fine, and it doesn’t hurt that they have their own unique charm too.

For more tips and ideas on lighting your home’s outdoor spaces, get in touch with the LiquidLEDs support team! You can also check this page on Landscaping Network for added inspiration.


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