Tesla’s Technology makes LEDs look like Incandescent


One of the most common complains about LEDs is that they don’t have that familiar glow that incandescent bulbs give off. Luckily, a new LED bulb can now mimic the glow incandescent give out using Nikola Tesla’s design. 

Despite their inefficiency, old-school incandescent lightbulbs sure did put out a pleasant, natural-looking light. The folks at Finally Light Bulb missed that light, so they brought it back with an efficient, affordable bulb using technology Nikola Tesla once patented.

The team visited Gizmodo's NYC office to show us the light. The Finally Light Bulb is a drastically miniaturized induction light, a type used to light skyscrapers, tunnels, and warehouses. Induction lights use a magnetic field instead of the failure-prone metal filament of an incandescent, giving a lifespan that can reach 100,000 hours and slashing the incandescent's 90-percent energy waste.

Unfortunately, industrial induction lights require a brick-sized box of electronic controls, which prevented the tech from reaching household fixtures for years. 

Continue with the story at Gizmodo.  

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