Imagine an accessory that helps people notice you and your horse a bit better at night. An LED developer has created an LED strap that you can place on your horse’s tail. We live in an era where many consumer electronics have silly names, often with lowercase i’s, an abundance of z’s or a lack of vowels. But not Tail Lights. Because that’s just what they are, a set of LED strips that strap onto horse tails, giving the animals and their riders improved visibility and enabling owners to pimp their living rides. At first glance, the idea of Tail Lights might be as silly as its name is plain. But it may end up saving lives. Sami Gros was moved to invent Tail Lights when she and a friend were hit by a car while they were on horseback, even though both of them were already wearing reflectors and were even in a town where horseback riding was commonplace. More on Technabob

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