Switching to LEDs for Holidays Lights Help Save A Lot


The holidays span for a few weeks and most of us set up decorative lights to get into the festive mood. With this, LEDs are making a big hit as holiday lights because they help you save on power consumption. The holiday season lasts from about the fourth week of November until Jan. 1.

All sorts of changes take place during that period, from the Grinch's heart growing three sizes to you and your neighbors adding hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny light bulbs to your home's usual decor. While both are wonderful holiday traditions, the latter can cost you a lot of green and, believe it or not, push the energy grid to its extremes.

What's a few extra lights... So what does it cost to illuminate your holiday with little colored lights? The answer depends on the type of lights you use. According to a handy online calculator from Dominion Resources' (NYSE: D ) North Carolina Power subsidiary, four 25-bulb, 125-watt strings of traditional Christmas lights will cost roughly $13 to run for eight hours a day for a month. That's just 100 lights! If you use smaller bulbs, those that use just 50 watts per string, 100 lights will cost you only $1.20 for a month at eight hours a day.

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