You’ve probably heard all this talk about LED lights and the benefits you can get from them. Some cities and even countries are promoting them and taking out older types of bulbs like incandescent bulbs off the market. But what is it that really makes these bulbs so special? And why are they more expensive? Are they really energy friendly bulbs? Here’s a short list on the big benefits you get when switching to LED lights. 

They Save a Lot of Money True, these bulbs are more expensive than traditional lights, but they’re actually one of the best investments you can make. LED bulbs actually use 90 percent less power to create the same amount of light a regular incandescent bulb generates. Therefore, a 10-watt LED can produce the same light as a 100-watt incandescent. And since they use less power, you won’t even feel them on your utility bill 

New Technology Imagine being able to control your lights with a smartphone app. Some LED makers have created light systems with corresponding downloadable mobile apps, which people can use to switch lights on and off, as well as dim and increase their brightness. These “smart” lighting systems often come in sets and are available in bigger hardware or home improvement stores, and are a bit more expensive, but they’re worth it if you want the latest in lighting technology. 

They Help Minimize Your Carbon Footprint Do your share in saving the environment and minimizing waste with these energy friendly bulbs. Not only do they use less power, they also last longer than regular bulbs. You won’t have to change them as regularly as incandescent and they don’t contain toxic chemicals. LEDs are on their way to become the new common house-hold light bulb. They’re efficient, economical and eco-friendly—the perfect package. For questions and inquiries on LiquidLEDs’ array of LED lighting products, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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