Study Room Lighting

Whether the study room is a lively office where you welcome your clients, or a private retreat for you to concentrate or meditate, you should never underestimate the power of good lighting. Most people just place two or three light bulbs in their study rooms think that’s enough, only to find out themselves straining to read, study, or work in this room. Here’s a short and simple guide on how you should light up the study. 

Show Off the Library Even if you have an extensive collection of eBooks, having a library is still more impressive. It took you years to collect these books so why not show them off. Place a row of LED lights above the bookshelf to light up the area. It’s also easier for you to find the books you’re looking for if this spot is well lit. 

Task Lighting This is important for your worktable. The room may be well lit, but you might need more light when you’re using the computer or reading something. Place a table lamp on your study table so you can use this for task lighting. Use a classic design, something that won’t clash or tie together with the room’s design. Use LED light bulbs for a bright light perfect for reading or working. 

Chandeliers If you’re into chandeliers and elaborate lighting, the study is a perfect place to get creative. You can get chandeliers in most home improvement and light stores for less these days. They’re still made out of the crystals with the iniquity cuts, but most of them are machine made for mass production so it’s not that expensive. Chandeliers can even help make the room look like it’s bigger. 

Floor lamps These are perfect accents to the design of the room and the other lights. You can even turn the other lights off and just use the floor lamps and task lamps to make the room look more intimate and relaxing.


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