New York City Street Lights to Get LED Overhaul

A number of cities have been switching their streetlights with LED bulbs in the past few years. Recently, New York City’s streets have also joined the bandwagon for a theirlong-term,comprehensive sustainability program. New York City might look a little different in the near future, thanks to a small, subtle update coming to its street lights. The city's current streetlight bulbs will soon be replaced with newer, energy-saving LED lights. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's official website published a statement about the PlaNYC initiative, calling it a "comprehensive, long-term sustainability program" that "aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from City government operations 30% by 2017." The LED lights will save $14 million in taxpayer dollars, according to the release. About $6 million of that will be saved in energy costs and $8 million in maintenance costs. Read more on Mashable.


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