Stage Lighting Made Easy

Setting up a lighting system for a stage can be a real hassle. Most of the time, you end up with lighting that’s difficult to control and change, hot, and can even turn into a fire hazard. Thankfully, you can get new stage lighting systems that’s simple to work with, doesn’t give out too much heat, and gives you stunning colors and brightness for any performance. Below are a few simple tips to make your stage lighting system easier to work with.

Upgrade to an app controlled system These days, you can find lighting systems that work with mobile apps. From the color to the pattern and even the background music playing, all you need is your mobile device and you can control the lighting system on the stage. A number of new LED light bulb systems work this way, so check with the maker or provider about your options. To make it even easier, find an app that lets you control both lights and sound system so you can change the sound as well as the lights with just a tap.

Use LEDs What’s not to like about LED lights? They’re energy efficient bulbs, they don’t give off heat, they’re brighter, and they last longer compared to traditional stage lights. LED lights are definite a better investment since you save on maintenance and power, plus it gives you a beautiful light quality. Multi-Colored Lights A major feature in stage lighting is colors. To save time and money, use multi-colored bulbs which change from one color to another. Instead of buying multiple single colored bulbs, this is a more practical choice and you won’t need to install a different colored film or bulb just to get the mood you want. a number of new light bulbs, especially LED lights, offer this feature so check your options.

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