Sony recently revealed its own take on LED light bulb hybrids, outing a new LED that also functions as a wireless Bluetooth speaker. And it looks pretty amazing to boot. 

There are a number of LED bulbs that also work as a Bluetooth speaker on the market, but Sony’s new LED bulb is pretty. And yes, looks matter in the world of light and sound. raves about the aesthetics of the new Sony bulb and describes it as “a light fixture which you wouldn’t mind keeping out in the open for everyone to see…and hear.” It provides 360-lumen brightness and can “stream music via a Bluetooth/NFC compatible device using an Android/iOS app (SongPal) out through the 2W speaker.” The only unattractive thing about the bulb is its name -- Sony LSPX-100E26J. It’s currently available only in Japan. Read more at 2 Paragraphs.

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