If you go to any hardware or home improvement store, you’d notice ads and posters of LED bulbs all over the place. Another thing that you might find is that older bulbs such as incandescent are slowly being pulled out of the shelves, with many cities and even countries promoting power friendly bulbs like LEDs in a goal to reduce carbon emissions. There’s a good reason for this: LEDs are simply the superior lighting choice. Other than keeping your home well lit, LEDs also have a few other uses. 

Indicators This is probably the first job LED bulbs had. Small LEDs are the most common bulbs used as the lights in the indicator you’d find in most appliances. This is how the LED got famous and developers then started to check on how else they could use the LED. 

Light Therapy Since our bodies react to different kinds of lights in different ways, LEDs have also been used in light therapy. It’s a new kind of therapy that uses light to help level a person’s mood. This therapy is also a big help with people who suffer from insomnia since it’s also being used for sleeping problems. Many like this form of therapy because it’s safe and less costly. Medications are not needed or are taken in smaller dosages because of light therapy

Indoor Planting Thanks to recent development in agriculture, people can now harvest fresh vegetables and other crops even in the middle of winter. Indoor farming or planting has become a very big thing these days and more people are starting to grow their own food indoors. Although an expensive option at first, LEDs have quickly grown to become the favorite lighting solution of indoor gardeners, due largely to their efficiency and low heat levels. For any comments or questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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