Smart Lighting Tricks for Great Lighting on the Cheap


Contrary to popular belief, installing fancy and elegant light fixtures in your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With some simple tricks, a little creativity, and the right light LED light bulbs, your home can have the same lighting effects produced by expensive lighting setups. Here are some tips on how to do just that. 

Use Crystals Adding crystals is a great way to jazz up your existing light fixtures. Forget about get Swarovski crystals—you can easily get synthetic crystals for much less in specialty stores and craft shops, placing them on your lights to create dazzling effects. 

Turn to Coloured Stones For more dazzling lighting effects, you can add a variety of coloured stones to your light fixtures, making them look as unique as you want. Coloured stones, like crystals, can be purchased in specialty shops and craft stores. Although not as sparkling as crystals, coloured stones still have the power to make ordinary fixtures look extra special. 

Large Lamps A common trend when it comes to elegant lighting, oversized lamps can serve as your room’s focal point, and depending on how unique or interesting they are, they can be an interesting conversation starter. If you want to cover up blemishes on walls like stains and watermarks, an oversized lamp can work wonderfully. 

Chandeliers Although cheap is not the word that comes to mind when thinking of chandeliers, you can save hundreds of dollars by going to garage sales, thrift shops, and flea markets. Sure, the chandeliers you find here might be a little rough around the edges or be of an outdated style, but with a little creativity and planning, they can still serve as an interesting focal point within a room. For more cheap creative lighting ideas, go to this wonderful page on Homedit. You can also call the LiquidLEDs support team for ideas on what you can with LED lighting.

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