Smart LED Light Bulb Developer Raises Millions for Take on LEDs


Terralux, a smart bulb developer, recently raised $11 million to develop their own unique take on the LED light bulb

On its way to building a light bulb that can see, smell and feel, Terralux picked up $11 million from investors, the Longmont company said Wednesday. Terralux's appeal are LED lights with microchips that can be retrofitted into existing buildings.

At minimum, LEDs cut energy use and monthly bills. But the greater goal is to grow the company's LEDSense, a system that turns off lights when people leave the room, sets off an alarm if it senses harmful gases and turns on the bathroom exhaust to relieve certain odors. Features can be adjusted on a smartphone.The system can reduce a building's energy costs and usage by 90 percent, the company says. 

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