Smart Bulbs

LED lights have a number of great benefits—that much you already know. For one, they’re the best energy efficient bulbs you can find in the market today, using just a fraction of the energy used by classic light bulbs.

Because LEDs have technology that’s closer to the microchip than it is to light bulb technology, these next-gen light bulbs have been made “smarter,” having features that no other light bulb has.

So what are smart bulbs and what makes them different? The most common smart bulb packs features that allow them to be connected to your smartphone through an app. Below are a few common smart light bulb features. 

Brightness Control This is the most common feature smart light bulbs have. Once you install the bulbs, you can download an app that will give you the ability to control how dim or bright the bulb will be.

This way, you won’t need to connect a dimmer to the main line. Some smart bulbs are sold in sets, and the app will actually let you manage the brightness of the bulbs individually or in sets. 

Sound Believe it or not, there are some light bulbs brands that have integrated speakers into the light bulbs itself. Why you might ask? Well, it’s a great way to entertain people. It’s definitely a surprise to have music playing without one of those bulky speakers.

These bulbs are also great to set a certain mood. Since everything is controlled by an app, you can change the brightness of the bulb and connect to it via Bluetooth and play your music. 

Color Change Forget about buying single colored bulbs. New LEDs can let you change and set different colors in the same light bulb. This is a real big thing, especially when it comes to entertainment and outdoor space lighting. Home owners can now create beautiful and amazing light shows without having to spend for those elaborate light systems.

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