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It is common knowledge that staring at a screen, either TV or phones, for a very long time has an adverse effect on our sleep. However, people still do these things even though they know the consequences of what they are doing.

It has also been proven that blue light hinders the secretion of melatonin. This discovery was made by the scientist at the Harvard University. Blue light is emitted by these devices mentioned earlier and it is also emitted by energy saving light globes.

People are addicted to their screens. Not many people can stay away from their screen for a very long time. The addition to our screens is adversely influencing our sleep. Per Belinda Williams, staying connected to blue screens and screens right before bed influences our sleep the same way coffee and sugar do.

The risk of having diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity is increased when the production of melatonin is hindered due to continuous exposure to blue light. Blue light is only to be used during the day where it keeps your mental alertness high.

We cannot blame technology for the different innovations because we have benefited a lot of things from it. However, there is a way we can combine and do things to keep the side effect of these things suppressed. Changing the colour of your device from blue to red before sleep can be really helpful.

The process is referred to as red lighting. This can be achieved by making use of color-changing light globes or purchasing a red LED light bulb. Changing the colour to red just before sleep signals to your brain that it is time for bed. Our brain processes the external environment and determines what the body should be doing at that moment i.e. if it should be active or sleeping. Changing the light colour from blue to red would go a long way to determining the quality of sleep we get.

It is advisable that you switch between the two colours 30 minutes before bed, though this is not fixed and it could be earlier.

It is important to note that blue lights are not bad. It is the time of the day we use them that determines the kind of effect it has on our body. According to Belinda, using blue light early in the morning will help increase the mental alertness of the body throughout the day.

Smart lighting or red led bulb has other benefits apart from helping sleep only. They can help people exercise controls over their emotions. It also aids recovery and performance.

It is highly important that we control everything happening around us because our mental and physical well-being depends on it. We should stop blaming technology and start learning how to use technology to our own advantage.

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