If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, you’d want to have the best lighting for your closet space. After all, you don’t want to change or pick out your clothes in the dark. Choosing the right lights can be hard, so here are a few tips on how to illuminate your walk-in closet. 

Install a Newer and Brighter Lighting System Don’t depend on old incandescent lights since most of these are getting phased out. Consider getting newer bulbs like LEDs. They’re brighter and they give out a nicer light. These bulbs also help save a lot of energy since they only consume a fraction of the power older bulbs do to produce the same amount of light. 

Use Battery Operated Fixtures For those hard to reach places like small closets and cabinets, battery powered lights are the best option. These come in a wide variety of ceiling mounts and wall mounts so you can place them anywhere. You can also find ones that are using LED light bulbs, which last longer. These are also perfect for spaces and drawers that you normally don’t open but want to illuminate. 

Windows Work It might seem odd to have a window in your walk-in closet, but it’s actually a big help. It lets in natural light which will make any room look amazing, and it’s also useful for ventilation. Those small windows will do the trick. 

Keep your Space Organized Although this has nothing to do with lighting, an organized closet looks better. No matter how well-lit your closet is, it’s still going to be pointless if you have all your clothes on the ground and you have to swim around to find a clean shirt. Keeping your closet organize not only makes it look better, it also makes it look bigger. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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