Bedroom Lighting Tips

Out of all the areas in your home, your bedroom is probably the one you spend the most time in, which might make it the most important room in the house. It’s a personal sanctuary, a place of piece and solace where you can end the day on a relaxed note before sleeping. No surprise then why many people like to make their bedrooms as comfortable as possible, going to great lengths to get the right bed, the right furniture, and the right combination of paint colors among others. But what about lighting? Have you stopped to consider how to light your bedroom? Here are some tips on the subject. 

Main Lighting Your main lights serve to illuminate the general area of your room. Most bedrooms use an overhead light fixture, but most of the time these lights are inadequate when it comes to functionality. Avoid these generic overhead lights and go for something that has design and art to it—think chandeliers, tableside lamps, floor lamps, and scones. For energy efficiency, used LED light bulbs, which use a mere fraction of the electricity used by traditional lighting solutions. 

Decorative Lights Decorative lighting serves both a utilitarian and aesthetic purpose, making your room look more interesting while also serving as focal points themselves. Get creative by using lamp stands, colorful and interesting fixtures, even novelty items that can be used as lamps Another popular way to decorate your bedroom is with candles, many of which come with great scents to make your room smell amazing. If fire isn’t something you’re keen on having in your room, a safer option would be to use candle LED light bulbs, some of which even have a flickering effect. 

Task Lighting Don’t forget your task lights, which are designed to shed light for specific tasks like reading, writing, computer usage, and more. For comments and questions, feel free to contact the LiquidLEDs customer support hotline.

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