Although chandeliers have always been a feature when it comes to elegance and formal interior design, brightly colored bulbs are taking over the stage, at least today. Most interior designers are switching over to these special bulbs and creating one of a kind light fixture for special spaces. The use of LEDs or light emitting diodes became popular when these bulbs were heavily promoted to due to their power saving abilities. What’s more, LEDs are no longer just regular household and office bulbs; you can now get them in any color and size nowadays. Renovated and new homes are now highlighting these bulbs in different areas, using demure or bold light fixtures that fit the house’s design. The Shift Unlike regular halogen or incandescent lights, LED light bulbs have a very long life. They’re also energy friendly, saving around 90 percent of the electricity used by a normal light bulb. Home owners and designers are using them for back lighting furniture, appliances and pieces of art like painting. They’re also being used under kitchen cupboards, bench areas, stairs and bathroom vanities. Some would even use thin LED strips and place them between the floorboards. 

Colors In and Out the House If you’re into colorful outdoor entertainment areas and gardens, you can get waterproof and weatherproof LED light fixtures. These will last long outside and they give a good amount of light to accent features outside your home and provides enough light for safety. You can get LED light bulbs in two main tones. Cool, which is like a bluish color, and warm, which leans towards a yellow tone. Other solid colors like red and green are available and they’re also often used for home theater and outdoor spaces. 

Dramatic Changes Light experts say that you can expect about 50,000 hours of use from LED bulbs. When switching to LEDs, you’ll be able to see a drastic drop in your electricity bill within the first month. Although LEDs are a bit more expensive compared to other bulbs, they definitely are a good investment.


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