Sevier County saves on Winterfest with LEDs


The colder holiday months are in for cities and Europe and North America, and s several places have opened winter-themed parks or attractions with bright lights. This year, Sevier County is looking to reduce their energy expenditures by using LEDs instead of regular bulbs for Winterfest. 

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) - It's the time of year to fire up the heat and maybe get ready to string a few Christmas lights on the house.But what if you had to worry about a huge electric bill? Sevier County has had to during Winterfest, but not anymore. Countywide the power bill for Winterfest runs close to $32,000. It's all part of the cities' budgets and it's much less expensive since the transition to LED bulbs.

"The city spent $1.2 million switching to LED bulbs which has translated into immediate power bill savings," said Marci Claude with the City of Gatlinburg.Gatlinburg has seen a 75 percent decrease in the power bill. Before the LED change, the bill was around $68,000. After the LED led the bill dropped to around $10,000. 

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