It’s not a mystery that you need to have a brightly lit room to work in if you want to be more productive. If an office or workspace is dim, you’re going to feel sleepy after a while and might even just forget about finishing your tasks, especially if you’re at a home office. Here are a few tips on how you can set up your office’s lights to help you become more productive and active. 

Stay Cool Choosing cool toned bulbs is a big help when you want to keep your work area as bright as possible. If you noticed, some bulbs have a blue or yellow tone to them. The blue ones, or the cool toned bulbs, are better for rooms where you will be working in like the kitchen, garage and even the office. This gives out a crisp, bright light that is brighter compared to the warm toned bulbs. LEDs have a wonderful light output especially when it comes to cool toned bulbs. 

No to Dark Paint You might think it looks good on the walls, but try to stay away from dark colored paint. This can actually make the room look darker, especially if you don’t have a good lighting system or lamps that you can place around the area. Stick with light colors or place canvases and creative covers on the wall. 

Have a Table Lamp A table lamp is one of the most important and useful item you can ever have on your desk. You can use these lamps for tedious jobs and tasks where you want to have the most amount of light focused on what you are doing. the best kinds of table lamps are the ones with bendable or movable stands so you can just easily adjust it to whatever position. you can also change the bulb to an energy friendly bulb if you’re concerned about power usage. For any comments or questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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