Sengled Shows New Bulbs with Extra Awesome Features


Looking for eco-friendly light bulbs that can do more than just light up your room? How about ones that comes with a speaker, camera and WiFi extender? 

[CES 2015] Smart light bulbs aren’t anything new. In fact companies like Philips has had them for a while now. For those who are wondering what these bulbs do, they’re basically like regular bulbs, except that they can be controlled via your smartphone. This allows the bulbs to be adjusted and controlled remotely. 

In some cases, these bulbs can also be controlled to display different colored lights for different moods. Well at CES 2015, Sengled has unveiled a handful of new smart LED bulbs. This comes in the form of the Pulse, Pulse Solo, Boost, and the Snap. Starting with the Pulse and Pulse Solo, these are bulbs with speakers built into them. 

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