Sengled Comes out with Light Bulb and Wi-Fi Extender in One


Chinese LED lighting company Sengled recently introduced a new smart LED bulb, the Boost, which also functions as a Wi-Fi repeater. 

The Boost, by Sengled, is a really good solution. It’s an LED lightbulb with a wi-fi repeater built it. Screw it into a normal household lamp (A19 bulb standard, though they have a few different models for spots and floods), download the app (iOS and Android), and run it through a simple setup process to connect it to your home network. Voilá! You now have wifi extended further through your house. It’s even dimmable (via the app). The true test of a connected device like this is how easy it is to set up and then forget about. We were able to install and set up the sample unit Sengled sent us in under 5 minutes, and now we don’t even think about it. When we’re in the far half of our house, our devices connect through the bulb without us even having to think about it. No muss, no fuss. More on Geek Dad.

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