Saving Power with Your Lights

We can make better decisions that can help minimize our power usage at home. Everyone consumes energy, and since most of us are dependent on your electronics to make life easier, we are constantly using these items without even thinking of how to save power.

Below are a few tips on how you can save a good amount of power by changing a few details in your lights and electronic set up at home. 

Turn to LED lights The technology behind LED lights is one of the greatest developments in the lighting industry. These bulbs can help you save a lot of money just though your home’s lighting alone. LEDs use a fraction of the power common bulbs like incandescent use to create the same amount of light. What’s even better is that they last much longer, so home owners also get to save on maintenance. 

Smarter Switches Motion sensors are great to install for outdoor lighting, or any place in the house that anyone hardly ever goes into. What these does is that they turn the lights on only when someone walks pass or triggers the sensor. You won’t have to deal with having to turn the lights on and off or fearing that you left the lights on. Most sensors are compatible to all types of lighting systems, even with newer energy friendly bulbs, but ask your electrician just to make sure. 

Watch out for Energy Vampires A huge percent of electricity can be wasted because of home electronics that are kept plugged in and are not being used. These items act like “energy vampires” and suck electricity throughout the day, which is more on your monthly electricity bill. To save on electricity, you can unplug these items or use a power strip that can be turned off and on when needed. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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