Renovating your home’s utilities is a good way to start integrating eco-friendly technology. These days, you have the option to have utility systems set up in your home that can help you save bills and have less waste. These are worthwhile investments that make you save in the long run. Below is a couple of home improvement changes that can let you save power and water. 

Sensors and Trigger These are a big help for like the garage, walkways, and porches where the light bulb turns on only when the sensors are triggered, and would automatically turn off after a certain time. This helps save power since these bulbs are only turned on when needed. LED light bulbs work well with most sensors in the market, and they’re relatively inexpensive. Set them up for outdoor lighting and never worry about coming home to a dark house again. 

Faucet Screws Swap your old faucet screws with new ones. As time goes by, faucet screws can get a bit loose and water ends up leaking out even when you close it tight. Changing your faucet screws can give your bathroom or kitchen a nice new highlight and detail while helping you save water. You can get a set of decorative faucet screws for less if you buy them in bulk. 

Dimmers If you don’t know what dimmers are, these are little knobs that help you control the light’s brightness. These work well for rooms like the bed and dining rooms, or spaces where you’d want to have the ability to control the brightness to set the mood. You can hit two birds with one stone by getting new LED bulbs which have mobile features. You can download an app that lets you control the brightness of these lights.

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