Many home owners what to add lights to their garden so they can add brightness to their outdoor space and so they can still appreciate their plants even when it’s already dark. When choosing which type of bulb to use, there are a number of things to consider.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the safest and best type of bulb for your garden. 

Outdoor Friendly First, like all bulbs that you place outside, you need to choose a bulb that’s actually outdoor friendly. Many people make the mistake of choosing a common light bulb and wonder why it keeps getting shattered or fail after a short period of time even though it’s a new bulb.

There should be a label on the bulb’s packaging if it’s an outdoor friendly bulb or not. Ask the sales person and check a few types of new bulbs, like energy efficient bulbs, to widen your choices. 

No to Heat One of the biggest problems when placing light bulbs near your garden is the heat that they give off. Bulbs like incandescent lights tend to get really hot after a while of being left on and this could damage your plants and flower beds.

Not only can they damage your plants, they can also turn into a fire hazard. Choose a bulb that doesn’t have a filament that heats up, like LEDs, so they don’t burn your plants. 

No Chemicals Another issue with choosing light bulbs is that some of them actually contain an amount of toxic chemicals that can harm the soil and plants if they ever do seep out or break. Bulbs like CFLs have a small amount of mercury, which is poisonous for both plants and humans.

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