Roof Lighting

Let’s say you live in one of the tallest houses or building in the neighborhood or you house is strategically placed on an elevated area where it can be noticed by many. If you’re the type of person who love to turn their home and business into an attraction, or just to make it stand out from the rest in the neighborhood, consider adding lights to your roof. It might just be something you do during the holidays, but thanks to energy friendly bulbs, you can light up your roof all year round.

Here are a few ideas on how you can make your roof look amazing with lights. Use Light Tubes You can find light tubes made with LEDs at home and garden supply stores, light fixture shops or even at hardware stores. You can get really creative with these since you can bend and twist the tubes to form any shape you want.

Turn them to letters or figures, be creative and fun. They’re very low maintenance so you don’t have to worry about frequently climbing the roof to get them fixed. Paint the Roof with Light Remember those colorful holiday lights that are probably just stored in a box somewhere in your basement?

Well you can use those for your roof. So what if it’s not the holidays. You want your house to look fun and festive so hoist them up and lay them out.

These lights can also add a bit more interest to your landscaping and architecture. Sign Up Neon signs can also be a great way to make your roof stand out. if you own a business, have your name or logo turned into a sign and hook it up on the roof. It’ll instantly make your establishment easier to find and more memorable.

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